Friday, 22 April 2011

Prophet Yusuf (a.s) - Episode 4 - Urdu

The bros of Yusuf (A) were not very far when they were ceased and charged of taking. They declined it and said if anyone was discovered accountable they could remain returning as a servant of Prophet Yusuf (A). The caravan was explored and the cup was discovered in Binyameen's bag. The bros were taken to Prophet Yusuf (A) and he said "According to your terms, I will keep Binyameen here now." They said please do not keep him. Our dad is old and weak They said "You may keep one of us but not him please." The oldest sibling rejected to go returning without his sibling because he did not want to deal with his father The gathering of category of Prophet Yaqub (A) When the bros came back and informed their dad what occurred, he was heartbroken. He remembered the decrease in his kids and wept. He informed his kids to go and discover his 2 kids. The bros went and asked for absolution for Binyameen and some grain Prophet Yusuf (A) advised them of how poorly they handled their sibling Yusuf (A) They were surprised and requested if he was Yusuf He responded “yes I am” Allah has been grateful to me. One who is pious and individual against problems is always compensated by Allah for his benefits. After listening to that, the bros were bothered and requested for absolution. He said "You need not be terrified of me. Allah may absolve you your sins." He then informed them to take his clothing and protect their dads experience so he could get his vision returning. Then tey could come returning with their household.

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