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Prophet Yusuf (a.s) - Episode 2 - Urdu

Urdu Movie Prophet Yousuf a.s
Urdu Movie Prophet Yusuf a.s
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Complete Urdu Movie Prophet Yusuf a.s
Complete Urdu Movie Prophet Yousuf a.s
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    The Aziz made the decision to imprison Prophet Yusuf (A) even though he was simple so his spouse could get her pride back
    On the same day when Prophet Yusuf (A) got caught so did 2 other men.
    1 used to provide the master wine
    1 was a elegant cook
    The next day your bottles hosting server and the prepare had a desire. The bottles hosting server said "I saw that I was smashing fruit to create bottles for the king" and the prepare said "I imagined that I was holding some breads in a gift bag on my go and the wildlife were pecking at the breads."
    The two men went to Prophet Yusuf to ask him to understand their desire. Prophet Yusuf (A) said to your bottles hosting server thay he will soon be launched and will go returning to his past post and to the one who taken the breads on his go will be implemented and the wildlife will start to eat his mind.
    Prophet Yusuf (A) informed your bottles hosting server to tell the master of his purity when he saw him, but your bottles hosting server neglected.

he master was worried about this desire and as soon as your bottles hosting server observed he informed the master that Yusuf could understand goals. He then went to ask H. Yusuf to understand the desire of the master.
Prophet Yusuf (A) considered the desire. He said “for seven decades the plants will generate numerous food-grain for the individuals of the red sea. After there will be a starvation for 7 decades during which all the meals feed relaxing in the storehouses will be completed and individuals will go without food. Therefore the individuals should try and grow as much extra feed as possible so that it would stand them in excellent stead during th starvation time.”
After listening to this, the master requested that Prophet Yusuf (A) be taken to him so he could create excellent use of his wiseness in fixing his problems.
Prophet Yusuf (A) said he will not leave until he is shown simple.
He said to the courtiers  “I will not come out untill the master enquires about my case. Tell the master to ask the spouses of the noblemen about enough time they cut their hands off on seeing me.
All the women revealed the truth and so did Zuleikha.
Thus Prophet Yusuf (A)was launched from the jail with pride and honor.

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