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Prophet Yusuf (a.s) - Episode 1 - Urdu

Urdu Movie Prophet Yousuf a.s
Urdu Movie Prophet Yusuf a.s
Urdu Movie Prophet Yousuf episode 1
Complete Urdu Movie Prophet Yusuf a.s
Complete Urdu Movie Prophet Yousuf a.s
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Prophet Yusuf (AS) was the son of Prophet Ya'qub (AS). In the Scriptures he is termed as John son of Edward. The Sacred Qur'an has described his tale in a wonderful section eligible "Surah Yusuf". Prophet Yusuf (AS) had 11 bros. He was one of the newest and owned and operated fantastic personality and etiquette. His dad liked him a lot.
Prophet Yusuf (AS) once imagined that 11 celebrities and the sun and celestial satellite were prostrating to him. He relevant the desire to his dad. Prophet Ya'qub (AS) realized that the desire defined his daughters fortune and success and informed him not to tell his bros about the desire.

His bros were envious of the give preference to that he experienced in their dad's sight and organized to somehow get rid of him. Whenever they took their goat's out for grazing they would ask their dad if Yusuf (AS) could come with them. Prophet Ya'qub (AS) always rejected, saying that the boy was too youthful. When Prophet Yusuf (AS) achieved the age of 16, his bros was adament that he was now old enough to come with them. With unwillingness, their dad decided to let them take him with them.

As soon as they were far enough from house, they started to story about how to get rid of of Prophet Yusuf (AS). Then, they came across a dry well. They eliminated Prophet Yusuf's (AS) clothing, and used him into the well. Neglecting their youthful brother's pleas, they heartlessly remaining him to die of craving for food.

On the way returning, they killed a goat and marked Prophet Yusuf's (AS) clothing with its system. They came house crying and moping and informed their dad that while they were grazing their lambs, a hair came and ate their sibling. He did not believe their tale and could do nothing but stay individual and delay for Allah to hook up him with his dearest son.
Meanwhile a caravan of investors moving by the well ceased to sketch some water. They were amazed to see Prophet Yusuf (AS) come up positioning the pail. They hid him with their products and available him to some servant investors for a few items of gold.

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