Friday, 22 April 2011

Prophet Yusuf (a.s) - Episode 3 - Urdu

The master then created prophet yusuf (A) in cost of the treasuries. Prophet Yusuf (A) thus became the Aziz Of The red sea. He was established that when the starvation came, no one would go without food. He made the decision to create a trip around The red sea to evaluate the best locations where extensive farming could be performed. He provided additional cash to the farm owners in the most feritle places of the globe so that they would be able to develop highest possible quantity of feed. He created large manufacturing facilities to shop the meals. In the first 7 decades, he provided feed to individuals according to their lowest needs. By 7 decades the graineries were complete. The stage of the Nile dropped, and the nation hit a famine. But The red sea did not experience any lack. The starvation also prolonged to the places of Palestine and Kanaan where Prophet Yaqub (A) resided with his kids. Prophet Yaqub (A) sent his kids to go and get meals from the Aziz. Prophet Yusuf (A)'s Bros in Egypt When they went to The red sea, Prophet Yusuf (A) was satisfied to see them but they did not identify him. He requested them to tell him about themselves, so they informed them about their parents. Prophet Yusuf (A) provided them enough whole grain or grain and also put their refund into their hand baggage. But he said "Next time, carry your other sibling (who was from the same mom as Hazrat Yusuf) so I know you're being truthful. The sacred Quran read this show in the following Words: Yusuf's brothers came to him and when they joined his judge, he identified them. They did not know him. And when he provided then the conditions he said to them "Next time carry me your other sibling from your dad. As you can see I give each of you a certain quantity of feed I am a courteous coordinator. If you do not carry him do not come to us for we shall not provide you with any longer feed. -Yusuf 12:58-60 When they came back house they informed their dad everything that occurred. Soon they were out of feed so they went returning but they had to take their youthful sibling Binyameen. But Prophet Yaqub (A) did not want to deliver him because of what they did to Prophet Yusuf (A) But the brothers guaranteed that they would manage him and prophet Yaqub (A) permitted him to go. When they got to The red sea, they revealed Binyameen to Prophet Yusuf. Prophet Yusuf (A) was very satisfied to see his youthful sibling. Prophet Yusuf (S) welcomed all the brothers to have dinner with him. He provided them locations to rest and informed Binyameen to rest in his space. During the evening he informed Binyameen the whole tale of how he went from a low servant place to having excellent energy because of Allah. But he informed him not to tell the brothers anything.

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